Olde Carriage Barn presents SMOKIN' IN THE BARN

Olde Carriage Barn presents SMOKIN' IN THE BARN


John P. Cook's "Olde Carriage Barn"

The Olde Barn

"Olde Carriage Barn"

  4241 N. Kelso Rd.

  North Adams, MI



 Tucked back on a long driveway lined by a farm field on one side and large trees on the other sits a piece of Hillsdale County history, which is preserved for new generations to enjoy. This Carriage Barn was built in about 1863 by John P. Cook, one of the first settlers of Hillsdale, MI. He built it in back of his stately brick house at 139 Hillsdale St.(now owned by Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity).

  Eventually this barn became the property of Hillsdale County Historical Society, but was in jeopardy of being destroyed due to needing more room for a parking lot adjacent to the barn. Hal & Beverly Bradstreet desired to preserve this beautiful piece of Hillsdale County history and hired an Amish crew to dismantle the barn and move it to where it now stands.

 Once a shelter for John P. Cook's horses and carriages, the Barn now offers its stalls for special venues such as weddings and banquets.

 Enjoy this tribute to the early days of our history in this "Jewel of Hillsdale County"!

Perfect place for family photos!

 You are surrounded by the beauty of history, and nature.